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Complete list of medical supplies

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Alcohol prep pads

Steri-Strip adhesive skin closures

Would cleanser

Skin protectant

Skin cleanser spray

Adhesive remover

No sting skin prep wipe

Unna boot bandage

Slit IV sponge

Abdominal pad

4X4 sponges

Island dressing

No sting barrier film

Gauze bandage roll

Sterile gauze pads

Gauze sponges - non sterile, hypoallergenic

Soft cloth surgical tape

Transpore surgical tape

Coban self adherent wrap

Wound Care


Aloe Vesta Perineal skin cleanser

Attend washcloths

Dry wipes

No rinse shampoo and body wash

Calazime paste skin protectant

Moisture barrier creams

Zinc oxide creams

Shampoo caps

Nitrile powder free gloves

Vinyl gloves

Bed pans



Bath Safety

Shower chairs no back no arms

Shower stools

Shower chairs with back

Folding shower benches

Sliding transfer benches

Bariatric shower chairs with back

Shower chairs with arms and backs

Transfer benches

Transfer benches with commode

Padded transfer benches


Drop arm commodes

Rolling shower/commodes

Toilet safety rails

Toilet seat risers with and without arms

Shower hoses with shut off valve

Non slip bath mats

Suction cup grab bars

Tub grab bars

Drill grab bars

Safety pole

Walking Aids



2 button walkers

3 and 4 wheels rolling walkers

Accessories for your cane, crutch, and walkers


Standard wheelchairs:

  • 16, 18, 20 inches

Bariatric wheel chairs

  • 20, 22, 24 inches

Reclining wheelchairs

  • 16, 18 inches

Standard foot rests

Elevated leg rests

Special orders.

Power Wheelchairs & Scooters

Travel power chair

Rear wheel chair

Folding power chair


  • Seatbelt

  • Cushions

  • Cup holders

  • Carry bag

  • Cane holder

  • Oxygen holder


Arm slings

Shoulder immobilizers

Cervical collars  

Tennis elbow support

Rib belts  

Abdominal binders  

Industrial back support    

Knee braces  

Finger splints

Posture/clavicle support

Maternity belts  

Hernia belts    

Carpal Tunnel wrist support

Arch support  

Heel cup  

Ankle support

Lace up ankle support

Ankle wrap

Overdoor exercise pulley      

Overdoor Cervical traction              

Peddler exerciser


Blood pressure monitors


Pulse oximeters


Assistive Furniture

Over bed tables

Bed rails

Patient lifts


Hospital beds



Foot stools

Lift chairs


Cervical pillow

Knee separator

Bed wedge

Zippered vinyl mattress protector

Memory foam pillow

Bed rail

Bed cane

Pull cord alarm

Bed Accessories


Hot and cold packs/pads

Hot water bottle

English style ice bag

Dry/moist electric heating pads

Reusable gel cold packs

Cold wraps

Ramps and Lifts

Pride Outlander  

Harmar AL500

Modular ramp

Pathway ramp with hand rails

Transportable Folding ramps for home and vehicle